Established in 1993, PREM SAGAR  & SONS has been primarily into exports & domestic market of quality sports goods. The quality sports goods products such as Sporting Nets, Inflatable Balls (Footballs, Volley Balls, Gymnastic Equipment, Track & Field Equipment, Training Aids etc.

The company’s relentless efforts to consistently stay ahead of competition is evident from the progress and appreciations. We today has the quality  & expertise team to get high quality products. The team comprises the very best and discerning quality products for the players to get the full return of their money. We regularly test our products through the Govt. specified testing labs in every respect and receive the advices of the experts which helps keep us ahead of the latest technological advances in the fields of stronger, durable and more comfortable sports goods products.

Mon-Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: closed